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Maschuk Asman

Born :  2007
Gender :  Gelding
Color :  Buckskin

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Sire line El   Dam family: Airma


Maschuk is an outsanding model for our aim which is to perform well in endurance. He stands at approx 1,56 cm.


The combination El with Peren looks like a perfect match as we also have Sheytanli and Mengli Asman, two half brothers and sisters of Maschuk who are also very promising prospects for endurance.

His pedigree is full of perfomers. His granddad Sugun has competed in eventing and endurance up to international level. Sugun was longlisted for the Olympics in Atlanta in eventing and competed up to 120 km in endurance.


From the dam side there is Polotli an outstanding racer and Beshtau one of the very few Akhal-Tekes who competed up to 3 * in endurance.


Maschuk started competition in 2014 and actually is qualified for 60 km (august 2014). We would welcome if Maschuk would find an endurance home and continue to promote the breed in sports as he has a great potential.


SMELE LEYLEK vK, 2002 1283 Sugun, 1987 1012 sumbar 996 Mag
1665 Sulgun
2464 Ssora 921 Sport
1659 Smena
2633 Gar 5, 1986 885 Kambar 432 Karlavatch
1227 Karali
1722 Anzak 850 Azamat
1431 Altin
MAIJLI , 1990 1093 Perchat, 1975 914 Polotli 779 Peren
1244 Kachkir
1646 Perizad 721 Kaplan
1375 Fauna
2843 Minorka, 1978 1034 beshtau 697 Gelishikli
1140 Ball
2374 Mashuk kristall
1305 Maorshka 18


Norway: Shideyli started his endurance season

22 Feb 2014
Norway: Shideyli, gelding, 2006 (Smele Leylek-Guldesse) started his endurance season

BREEDING SHOW: Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

07 Jul 2013
Yunnan Gush 2007 (Mirage –Smele Leylek) became reserve Champion

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Good season start for Asman Teke stud

04 Apr 2015
SHEYTANLI ASMAN AT won his first competition of the year on the 04/04/2015 in Illertissen, Germany: the CEIJY 1* (90 km) with a speed of 18,5 km/h with Charline Liskow.

ENDURANCE: Rouvroy - Belgium

14 Sep 2014

ENDURANCE: Tessenderlo - Belgium

24 Aug 2014

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